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Sweetvalley Cabin on Kentucky Lake

It's A Sweet Deal
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There is nothing quite like SweetValley in the Fall.      









  From the welcome sign and fall wreath at the front door ...


 To the golden view from one of the decks ...

A Stunning Sunnrise

And colorful country roads
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 My sister, Lee Owenby is an artist who always seems to have a unique way of seeing things. If you like Kentucky Lake, you may enjoy her art. To



visit her website click here.













SweetValley in the Fall is a special place. The fishing is still good but it's not all about the fishing.

The Fall is about quiet walks on the beach and down country roads. It's about really looking at the leaves and taking a few home to press in a book. It's about sleeping late and waking up to a crispness in the air that makes you frisky. It's about sitting on a swing on the deck and watching the lake and just listening. And ... yes ... if you insist .... the fishing is pretty good this time of year!



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Contact: John Peddy


Phone: 731-571-5940